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MORRISTOWN: in the air and sun 2007, 60:00
A working class response to globalization filmed over an 8-year period in the mountains of east Tennessee, interior Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez. Currently playing. See Events for current screenings. More info

When the contract between the UMWA and Pittston Coal expired in 1988, Pittston terminated the medical benefits of 1,500 pensioners, widows, and disabled miners. Justice in the coalfields documents the events which followed in Southwest Virginia, the heart of the strike and a right-to-work state. ITVS web site
"A must-see for anyone interested in one of the most important labor struggles of recent years." - Tom Zaniello, George Meany Center for Labor Studies
For a review of the film by Tal Stanley, click here.
Gold Plaque, INTERCOM; Big Muddy Film Festival; International Labor Film and Video Festival, Seoul, Korea; Sinking Creek Film Festival; Women in Film/Chicago; Emory University panel and discussion.

View trailer, Justice in the Coalfields.

An inside look at the lives of women who fry chicken, make pizzas, and flip burgers at four fast food restaurants in easter Kentucky. Documents the low wage, no benefits jobs in America's new service economy. View clip from Fast Food Women.
"A must-see look at the working poor," --Minnesota Star Tribune
International Labor Film and Video Festival, Seoul, South Korea; London Film Festival; American Film and Video Festival; Chicago International Film Festival; National Educational Film Festival; Sinking Creek Film Festival, Special Jury Award - 1992 USA Film Festival.  PBS National
Broadcast on P.O.V.; cablecast on The Learning Channel’s “The Independents: Through Her Eyes.”  

ROVING PICKETS 1991, 28:00
Coal miners, coal operators and other participants recall the sometimes violent battle over jobs, health care, and a voice in the political system that focused national attention on the economic crisis in the Appalachian coalfields and stimulated President Johnson’s interest in creating a "war on poverty."
View clip from Roving Pickets.
"Chronicles one of the most important resistance efforts of poor people in Appalachia." -Ron Eller, Department of History, University of Kentucky. "Well worth seeing." -Bill Bishop, political columnist

A report from the long and bitter United Mine Workers of America strike against the A.T. Massey Coal Company, a subsidiary of a multinational corporation that also mines coal in South Africa.
"A humanistic examination of a coal miners’ strike, the filmmakers let the parties involved speak for themselves, and no other commentary is needed. This strike resembles nothing so much as a war....Through it all, the importance of believing in what is right, and standing up for those principles no matter what the cost, comes through like a ringing bell." -Rod Granger, film critic and juror, Expo XXI
American Film and Video Festival--Finalist; Athens International Film and Video Festival; Big Muddy Film Festival; Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival; Global Village Documentary Festival;BACA/Brooklyn Arts Council.