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Ethel Caffie-Austin, West Virginia ’s first lady of gospel music, performs and teaches African American spirituals, hymns, and contemporary gospel songs. "Captures her in all her spendid humanity and holy devotion," Jude Binder, director Heartwood Dance Company
Dallas Film Festival; International Festival of Cinema and Technology: St. Louis Film Festival.

SHELTER 2001, 56:40
In 1974, three women opened the first shelter for battered women in this country. A grassroots movement not only saved lives but changed the way we think. Shelter follows four West Virginia survivors as they move towards lives of safety and dignity.
Trailer. ITVS web site.  New Jersey Film Festival; Philadelphia Film Festival; Great Lakes Film Festival; Kentucky Theater, University of Texas Bass Lecture Hall.

Coal miner’s daughter and wife, mother of nine, domestic worker and community organizer whose awareness of class and race oppression led her to a lifetime of activism. View clip from Evelyn Williams.
Margaret Meade Film Festival; Black Maria Film Festival; National Organizers Alliance; Charlotte Film Festival; OWL screening for positive portrayal of older Americans; Sinking Creek Film Festival.

BELINDA (1993)
The AIDS advocate who spoke of the need for a collective response not crippled by homophobia, racism, fear, or ignorance.
CINE Golden Eagle Award; Big Muddy Film Festival; EarthPeace International Film Festival; New York Film Festival; USA Film Festival; Women in the Director’s Chair; National Educational Film Festival.

An inside look at the lives of women who fry chicken, make pizzas, and flip burgers at four fast food restaurants in easter Kentucky. Documents the low wage, no benefits jobs in America's new service economy. View clip from Fast Food Women.
"A must-see look at the working poor," --Minnesota Star Tribune
International Labor Film and Video Festival, Seoul, South Korea; London Film Festival; American Film and Video Festival; Chicago International Film Festival; National Educational Film Festival; Sinking Creek Film Festival, Special Jury Award - 1992 USA Film Festival.  PBS National
Broadcast on P.O.V.; cablecast on The Learning Channel’s “The Independents: Through Her Eyes.”  

LILY MAY LEDFORD 1988, 29:00
Lily May Ledford--the original "banjo-pickin' girl"--led the Coon Creek Girls, the first all-woman stringband on radio. The program includes footage of Lily May performing and interviews and comments from scholars and musician friends about her struggle for autonomy in the music business and the role she played in the commercialization of mountain folk culture.
"Pure delight for those interested in the history of commercial country recordings and early radio." -The Old-Time Herald. "A tribute to her life and career in music" -Jeff Titon, Brown University, Journal of American Folklore

Minnie Black is ninety years old but she's still making music and art out of the gourds she grows in her backyard garden in East Bernstadt, Kentucky.
"Not to be missed!" -Eric John, The New York Center for Urban Folk Culture.
"Delightful story of a woman rich with love, joy of life, imagination and creativity." -Bob Gates, Director, Kentucky Folklife Program
City Lore Festival of Film and Video, New York, Museum of Modern Art, Retirement Research Foundation--Silver Owl Award

African-American teacher in the coalfields for 35 years and gospel musician.
"Smith articulately recollects the life of a black miner’s family while archival and personal photos fascinatingly illustrate her colorful narration." -Booklist
"Literally hundreds of African-Americans from Appalachia who’ve left their ’footprints in the sands of time’ admit readily that they were standing on the shoulders of great teachers in the area’s ’colored’ schools, teachers like Mabel Parker Hardison Smith. I thank God for the ’Mabels in the Mountains." -William Turner, Department of Sociology, Winston-Salem State University
Anthros/the Barbara Myerhoff Film Festival; Atlanta Film and Video.

SARAH BAILEY 1984, 29:00
From Bledsoe in Harlan County, Kentucky, a portrait of e of Appalachia's finest weavers and corn shuck artists.
"From her corn shuck dolls and flowers to spinning wool and cooking the daily meal, Sarah makes every aspect of her life a work of art. This program is as much about sharing and Sarah's need to pass on her treasures to others as it is about the wonderful things that she creates." -Bob Gates, Director, Kentucky Folklife Program