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Immigrant rights in the global economy

MORRISTOWN: in the air and sun 2007, 60:00
A working class response to globalization filmed over an 8-year period in the mountains of east Tennessee, interior Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez. Currently playing. See Events for current screenings. More info

Community Organizing

Community organizing and the "steel ceiling" encountered by two company towns -- Trammel and Ivanhoe, Virginia -- as they struggle to develop new economies.
“Universal... should be seen by everyone concerned with community renewal and social justice.” –Hywel Francis, University of Wales-Swansea.
Director's Citation, Black Maria Film and Video Festival; National Council on Foundations Film Festival; Louisville Film and Video Festival.

Coal miner’s daughter and wife, mother of nine, domestic worker and community organizer whose awareness of class and race oppression led her to a lifetime of activism. View clip from Evelyn Williams.
Margaret Meade Film Festival; Black Maria Film Festival; National Organizers Alliance; Charlotte Film Festival; OWL screening for positive portrayal of older Americans; Sinking Creek Film Festival.

The story of 260 families in eastern Kentucky who banded together in a cooperative designed to make small, subsistence farms viable.
"Best piece of work on rural community development that I have ever used. It gives a taste of rural America, and a real look at the way grassroots organizations work. It's a real picture of dignity." -Marvin Pippert, Asst. Professor of Sociology, Roanoke College

MUD CREEK CLINIC 28:30, 1987
Portrait of Eula Hall and a primary health clinic organized by a welfare rights organization in eastern Kentucky.
"Eminently lucid and captivating....A sobering and compelling rendition of a grassroots success story in exceptionally valuable vehicle for learning about the people and conditions of this region." -Gifford S. Nickerson, North Carolina State University, in Science Books and Films
Columbus Video Festival Blue Ribbon; Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival; Science Books and Films Festival



AS LONG AS I REMEMBER: AMERICAN VETERANOS 2009, 54:00 Editor (Producer/Director Laura Varela)
The personal toll and legacy of the Vietnam War on Mexican American communities through the stories of three South Texas artists.

SHELTER Remastered 2008, 2001, 56:40
In 1974, three women opened the first shelter for battered women in this country. A grassroots movement not only saved lives but changed the way we think. Shelter follows four West Virginia survivors as they move towards lives of safety and dignity.
Trailer. ITVS web site.  New Jersey Film Festival; Philadelphia Film Festival; Great Lakes Film Festival; Kentucky Theater, University of Texas Bass Lecture Hall.

PEACE STORIES 1985, 29:00
Experiences of three veterans from the south who decided that war is wrong -- William Farmer, a World War I veteran; Connie Bowling who worked on the atom bomb; a Jack Wright, a Vietnam veteran.



BELINDA (1993)
The AIDS advocate who spoke of the need for a collective response not crippled by homophobia, racism, fear, or ignorance. View clip from Belinda.
CINE Golden Eagle Award; Big Muddy Film Festival; EarthPeace International Film Festival; New York Film Festival; USA Film Festival; Women in the Director’s Chair; National Educational Film Festival.


Voting Rights

About the struggle to register Latino and African American voters in Texas and the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters which created a system of political apartheid. Includes Spanish version and excerpts of the last interview with Ed Wendler. More info



Prisoner Rights

UP THE RIDGE 2006, 56:40 Editor (Produced by Nick Szuberla and Amelia Kirby)
An in-depth look at the United States prison industry and the social impact of moving hundreds of thousands of inner-city African American and Latino offenders to distant rural outposts.